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Walking and driving

Each outing has its own needs, the stroller for a ride around town running errands, the car seat for taking a road trip. But let’s not forget travel bags, thermos, bottle warmers, baby carriers and more.

Did you guys remember the anti-creepy thing?

Rooms, Changing and Sleeping

The bedroom for your baby, the place where he will spend his naps, unless you let yourself be convinced to let him sleep with you in the big bed.

Everything you need to furnish the room, the change and make him sleep.

Highchairs and baby food

Everyone to the table! Some in high chairs, some in chairs.

Eating is a pleasure, with some messing and slobbering for the little ones.

With everything you need, it gets easier. Bib, spoon and some patience.

Bathing, Health and Hygiene

After so many moments of playing and discovering the world, it’s bath time!

Sponges, combs, bubble baths, shampoos, bathrobes, towels and more.

You will also find everything you need for your baby’s health.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Every mom during pregnancy, and even after, needs the support to make the most of her special time.

We’ll assist you on your journey through pre and postpartum girdles, nursing bras, pregnancy pillows and more so you can make the arrival of baby easier.

Clothes and Shoes

“But what shall I put on him?” “Will he be hot?” “Feel his little hands!” “Will it be his size? Don’t get dirty!

You will discover for yourself the importance of the rule of dressing onions and of leaving room for imagination and discovery of the world around them.

What colors and patterns are there? On this fashion and necessity rule.

There are so many solutions, the combinations that, season by season, we will be able to advise you … but how many temptations!


Finally we play!

It’s the moment where you learn new things, the moment of discovery of this magical world around it! Agenda: discover, have fun, create and laugh!


Safety today is never enough and the resourcefulness of little ones is historic.

Stair gates, bed barriers, multi-purpose latches and more.

A few simple steps and everything will be fine.


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